In a Busy City, We Slow Down for Good Food – Laura Lea Goldberg

Laura Lea Goldberg has made cooking and creating healthy, delicious food for people to eat her top priority. Why? Despit the rapid growth in food culture, the idea of taking time to share holistic, fulfilling meals is nothing new. Eating has always been a way for people to focus on things that truly matter–people, community, and relationships. But as Nashville continues to grow, slowing down to focus on these things has proven to be more and more difficult.

Laura understands this. She had always enjoyed cooking and eating good food, but it wasn’t until after moving to New York City that it became a true comfort for her, a source of personal solitude amidst a bustling city that never stopped moving. Now, after graduating from the Natural Gourmet Institute, she’s returned to Nashville to bring people together–cooking delicious southern comfort food that’s healthy and fulfilling.

It was refreshing to find out what a holistic chef actually does. There’s the technical side of it, which is that a holistic chef cooks with whole foods–foods that have not been processed and contain little to no added substances. But in broader scheme of things, being a holistic chef means understanding food in the balance of life.

It’s hard work cooking good, holistic food. After talking with Laura, we spent an hour stirring chicken broth into a farro risotto. This stuff takes time and dedication. It’s a labor of love. But in the end, sharing what you’ve made makes it all worthwhile.

It’s no secret that Nashville has grown to become an incredibly vibrant food city. From street-style food joints like Hot Diggity Dogs and The Local Taco, to high end restaurants like Josephine and Le Sel, Nashville has enough food variety to appeal to a wide spread of different personalities and appetites. It’s a good thing that the city’s exponential growth has also meant more good food for Nashvillians to eat. As the city becomes more busy and bustling, having delicious food to eat–be it at home or out on the town–provides us with a way to slow down and balance our lives, to spend quality time with ourselves and others.