Good Wood Preserves the Past in the Now – Dave Puncochar

Dave Puncochar has an eye and a heart for the past. It’s often the case that the wood he finds is covered in bugs and rot and other decays of slow-passing time. And without someone like Dave, who looks past the first layers of grime and into the soul, the wood would remain undiscovered, and our history along with it.

At Good Wood Nashville, Dave and his team of craftsmen know how to find old, storied wood in order to create a product–an experience–that is truly breathtaking. But this kind of wood doesn’t just plop itself on your front door. Old wood has to be discovered–most often in rotted barns and old hayfields. It has to be revived. It has to be loved.

It takes a certain type of person to dig around a barn full of snakes and cow turds–rescuing wood that’s been rotten for decades. If Dave wasn’t so humorous and easygoing, he’d probably hate what he does. Creatively, he sees potential in objects that would otherwise go completely unnoticed. He’s a kind and softhearted soul, and he’s definitely from the South. He’s got a story for any occasion, and a smile that makes you feel like there’s nothing that could go wrong in this world. He’s a reflective person who understands how the past has led us to today.

The past is very much in the now. It can be found in new pieces of finished furniture, and adorning the walls of countless restaurants and businesses thanks to Good Wood Nashville. Dave says it’s warm; it’s earthy, and that’s why people like it. Yes, undoubtedly it is. But thanks to him, this old wood is now also a soft and pleasant reminder of what came in a time before, a little piece of the past we can now call our own.