In Nashville: I Want to Be Original and Unique – Jurry Smith

Shopping for clothes can be a frustrating experience. You could spend hours looking for a piece of clothing that fits perfectly–a pair of jeans, a nice shirt or jacket–but often times you simply don’t find anything that works. You settle for something that fits generically and that’s the way it is. Jurry Smith wants to change that. A custom tailor and designer, he’s bringing custom fashion back to Nashville.

You don’t see a lot of men fixing up hems and making alterations nowadays. If you walk into your local laundromat or alterations store, often times there’s a female tailor or seamstress to take your measurements and make the changes. In the grand scheme of things, this makes a lot of sense. Women tend to be a little more fashionable than men, and might have more alteration needs: they wear a wider variety of styles and looks. Pants, dresses, tops, shoes. You name it. Most women’s closets will be more diverse than males. Having a female there to alter clothing seems very logical.

But looking at the trends in fashion today, we might see men at a slight disadvantage when it comes to the way clothing fits. While women’s clothing has become tighter, and made with stretchier fabrics, men’s clothing has grown into a “not too loose, not too tight” look. It’s got to be “just right”–the goldilocks “fitted” style guys have grown accustomed to seeing on the store rack. But once again, this is a generic fit tailored to an average guy. not the individual. It’s not made just for you, and that’s no fun!

For a guy like me–with long legs and a smaller waste–it get’s frustrating to go into a store looking for new clothes and walk away with nothing. Yes, I do feel like I have to cop out to someone else’s body measurements instead of my own. Once in a blue moon, I’ll find a shirt that fits perfectly, or a pair of jeans that feels spot on comfortable. Just in case you’re wondering, by once in a blue moon, I mean every two or three years.

In the end, it’s not about dressing up every day to be special. It’s personality, not clothing, that makes you who you are. Vince Gill seems like a pretty unique person, and he wears hoodies around town all the time–and I don’t think they were custom made for him.

Jurry’s a suit and tie kind of guy. But his drive to be an individual, to be unique, is something that we all can relate to. “So many people are born original, but die a copy”, he says. His voice is a familiar one in this city. He’s encouragement that spirit that keeps us all one-of-a-kind. He says: Stay original. Be unique. Go out and do you.