You Don’t Have to Live Out of a Van to Do What You Love – Scott Anderson


I had met Scott before I asked him to be a part of The Nod, but only briefly. He was clearly an easy going guy, very polite and easy to get along with. I knew that he was the co-owner of a business called Slow Wide Turns, but I was clueless as to what exactly it was. When my friends asked me who I was going meet on The Nod this month, I was stoked to tell them it was Scott. I knew he would be an awesome person to get to know a little better. But then the next question was always about Slow Wide Turns–what was it? What was it about?


One of my favorite parts about The Nod is that I don’t know the answers to the questions I am asking. Whenever we sit down and chat, it’s organic and real. I never could accurately tell my friends what Slow Wide Turns was before I sat down with Scott. I honestly didn’t know! I had to hear from him what it was before giving the people around me an answer.


From the surface, Slow Wide Turns just looks like a mountain/surf clothing brand. And no doubt, they have some awesome designs and merchandise up on their website. But as Scott began to explain Slow Wide Turns to me, I began to realize that it isn’t really that much of a clothing brand at all; it’s more of a community of people trying to make the most out of life. The mission is simple: do what you love, and stay passionate about it every single day. Whether you’re travelling the country selling mountain merchandise, or crunching numbers for the IRS–it doesn’t really matter. Just do what you love. It’s that straightforward.


It’s pretty easy to get bogged down in your daily routine. We all have to get things done; we all have to stay practical on some level. And when we put our heads down and get to the grind, sometimes we miss out on opportunities to really see and connect with the world around us. That’s where Scott Anderson and the Slow Wide Turns community come in. They are a living reminder that if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, you’re not really taking advantage of everything life has to offer.


In the grand scheme of things, acknowledging that we all have the capacity to do what we love is a comforting thought. At first, it sounds crazy. And it’s easy to come up with all the logistical scenarios of why it would never work. But there’s ALWAYS a way to do what you love. Nobody is saying that it would be easy. And for some it’s easier than others. But the Slow Wide mentality doesn’t distinguish between any of that. Just do it and love it. Or, in the words of Scotty Anderson, “Always keep it Slow Wide.”