A Hands On Guide for Shooters and Filmmakers.

23 Feb Gear Talk – Mobile is Key

This month’s topic started with a blog post on expensive vs inexpensive camera products. We pointed out that video/photo products are now being created that have the capacity to produce...

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11 Feb Gear Talk – Beware

Talking about gear means talking about money--spending money, spending our hard earned wage on lots of fun stuff that we want. The moral of this post is quite simple: BEWARE. There...

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26 Jan Slider Shots – Interviews

For most of this month, we’ve practiced and shown how we can capture unique broll compositions with the slider. This week, we’re going to take the concepts we’ve covered and...

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22 Dec Shot Distances – Macro Shots

This month we’ve covered how varying shot distances can capture different contexts and details, while also adding balance to your video projects and photography portfolios. Each week we’ve been moving...

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