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11 Feb Gear Talk – Beware

Talking about gear means talking about money–spending money, spending our hard earned wage on lots of fun stuff that we want. The moral of this post is quite simple: BEWARE.

There are a lot of items you COULD use to make an awesome video or to take awesome photos. But please, PLEASE do not get caught up in purchasing new toys that will get little to no use. Our experience has been that most of the things we want, are things that we do not need. However, there is a way to gauge and discern what gadgets and gizmos can be classified as “wants” and “needs”.

It’s very easy to have an idea for a cool shot that requires a very specific piece of gear–say a jib or a drone. As creative people, we have very specific, cool ideas quite often. The way we can judge whether investing in a new piece of gear is a need–rather than a want–is to note the frequency of how often it comes up. For instance, if you find yourself on a project, and you think “man, this shot could definitely use a drone”, we have identified a want. But as the year continues, you find yourself on a lot of shoots repeating the same thing: “what we really need is a drone here.” Okay, you’ve definitely got a case for a need. Over an extended period of time, you have consistently needed the same piece of gear on many projects. However, if you found that there was only one shoot over that year when you considered a drone for a shot, then it’s probably still a want, and you could do without it.

Consider that there are a ridiculous amount of ways to get the creative shot that you see in your head without purchasing an expensive piece of equipment! Always be on the lookout for ways to get creative shots using the environment around you. The video at the top of this article says it very well:

“You don’t always need the best and most expensive gear out there. Sometimes limitations are good. It’s always good to use your imagination, so that you get more creative.”

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