Gear Talk – Mobile is Key

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23 Feb Gear Talk – Mobile is Key

This month’s topic started with a blog post on expensive vs inexpensive camera products. We pointed out that video/photo products are now being created that have the capacity to produce higher quality content than the industry standard. To wrap up this month, we want to emphasize and explain how you can use this new technology to your advantage as a photographer and/or a filmmaker.

With advances in modern technology, we no longer need huge jibs or giant rigs mounted on cars. We could use a drone or a GoPro instead. Rather than renting a track for a camera, we can replicate a track motion with a stabilizer. We don’t even need huge lighting rigs anymore! Low light capabilities on small DSLR camera such as the Sony A7S mean we can rely more on natural light to capture the footage we want to use to create our final product.


If you are not an established media house with a reputation for creating awesome content, the key is to be mobile. Use advances in technology to your advantage. Being mobile and working on the fly means you can accept more projects, and create more content in less time than the bigger guys. Being mobile also means being flexible. The ability to capture content and finalize a product within days, sometimes hours, is huge–it’s attractive to companies who need help on the fly.

Because your rig is small, mobile, and requires little upkeep, you can keep your operating costs low, which translates to lower prices for your clients. Be cautious not to undervalue your work and to emphasise the customer experience. You’re small, mobile rig means that you can spend less time focused on setting up and breaking down and more time collaborating with the client and meeting their needs!

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