Slider Shots – Interviews

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26 Jan Slider Shots – Interviews

For most of this month, we’ve practiced and shown how we can capture unique broll compositions with the slider. This week, we’re going to take the concepts we’ve covered and apply them to an interview setting.

Above, you can see that we’ve included a variety of A, B, and C camera interview shots. On our Kroger shoot for their Perishable Donation Program, we used a flat, side-to-side slider shot as the A-cam. It gave the interviews an artsy feel and captured a lot of the context surrounding the subject. Punching in a little closer, we’ve included shots from The Ronald McDonald House, Good Wood Nashville, and M-Street to show how an angled slide on a B or C cam helps to punch in on the face while also leaving some context.

Whether you’re focusing primarily on broll or interviews, a slider is a great tool to have around on a shoot. It adds a lot of diversity to your videos, and is relatively easy to use. All you need is a good eye and steady hands!

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