Slider Shots – Push In/Pull Out

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12 Jan Slider Shots – Push In/Pull Out

When working with a slider shot, the direction of the slide can make a huge difference. While a side-to-side shot can extend a shot or bring objects into frame, a push in or a pull out shot can bring the viewer closer to the subject or further away.

Both the push in and pull out shot can help to amplify the creative voice of your video. A push in shot draws the viewer closer to the subject, creating an intimate feel as if the viewer were leaning in closer to observe the details. This shot is incredibly useful for piquing the interest of the viewer, forcing them to pay attention to what you want to show them.

The pull out slide creates less intimacy, but exposes more context outside of the first frame of the shot. As the camera backs away, more area is exposed and the viewer better understands the story behind the scene. Imagine stepping backward to see more of what’s in front of you. It’s impactful and you get a clearer picture of what’s going on around you.

Push in and the pull out shots expose the subject or scene you’re trying to portray. Whether it’s detail or context, these shots help tell more of your story with very little extra effort. A push in or pull out slide is a subtle nudge that can make your video go a long way.

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