Slider Shots – Side-to-Side

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05 Jan Slider Shots – Side-to-Side

This month we’re going to focus on a technique of shooting that is specific to video: sliding. A sliding motion can help you capture a scenes and subjects in incredibly diverse ways–from objects on tables to landscapes, the simple act of a sliding motion in a shot adds variety while arousing interest in the viewer.

This month, we’re focused on sliding from side-to-side. Left to right, right to left–this motion is used by setting up a flat shot and moving back and forth. Side-to-side-slides help to expose more of the subject and elongate a shot. In the video we’ve posted above, you can see how we’ve used the slider to make close ups on bottles and glasses longer and more interesting.

In wider shots, we’ve used the side-to-side motion to add smoothness and a little more intrigue to what could otherwise be a bland shot. Because a side-to-side shot is typically very flat, with a shallow Z-axis, the sliding motion forces the viewer to concentrate on the subject that is moving within the frame. See the golf shot or the Second Harvest Food Bank banner as an example.

Use side-to-side shots to make a shot longer, bring subjects into frame, or simply to spice things up. The sliding motion combined with still shots will go a long way to adding variety to your video!

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